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Welcome in Ernesto Cavalli

Manufacturers of men's shirts, since 1968.


We provide our services to small and large brands

Personalized and tailored clothing for every need.


Italian artisan production

The precision and quality of a handmade garment.


We offer our services and our experience to third-party brands.

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From your idea to the model. We thoroughly study every shirt details according to fabric type. With our CAD stations and the Lectra System everything is fast and smooth.

Fabric drafting and cutting

Fabric laying with quality control followed by IMA automatic cutting. Manual cutting for fabrics with stamps or for particular fabrics such as silk or light fabrics.


The manufacturing consists in the preparation of all the components of the shirt, with the pre-ironing, assembly and final ironing phases. We carry out a specific process based on the model to maximize Quality.


The shirt is then ironed with different methods depending on the type of shirt, with specific ironing machines.

A sartorial approach, with an artisan style, combined with productive innovation.

We present ourselves as the Italian finest artisanal shirt manufacturers since more than 50 years for famous fashion brands known all over the world.

We started in 1968 in San Bassano, 70 km from Milan, as a small family business, producing tailored shirts thanks to the initiative of the founder Ernesto Cavalli with his wife Luisa Cavalli.

During the 90s the founders were joined by their children Alberto and Rosy. Entrepreneurial dynamism is the feature that has always given the company a winning input, a company that today has a strong production with over 30 employees.

The team is largely driven by passionate women who are customer oriented and aimed to deliver always best Quality & Time. We pursuit excellence and we stimulate to face new challenges with passion and commitment.

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Let’s collaborate

The company has an astounding list of collaboration with the most important worldwide fashion designers. The relationship with technicians and stylists becomes consultancy in order to find the most appropriate solutions to achieve the required quality objectives.

Where are we?

We are located in San Bassano (CR), via Castelmanfredo 53, 26020 Italy. We also have a company outlet where we sell our products.

Request the quote

Fill out the form to request a quote, from samples to customized manufacturing, specifying your idea and the quantity of shirts expected. We’ll get in contact in the shortest.